Inpa plastic injection products

INPA gives you advice and develops your personalized customized designs (choice of materials, colours, shapes, etc.) from moulds manufactured by BOUVARD, whatever the application or complexity of your project.


Thermoplastic injection : principle and advantages

Plastic injection consists in softening the plastic material (in the form of granules), and then injecting it into the mould (BOUVARD metal moulds, for example) to obtain the desired shape and cooling it to obtain the finished product.









Plastics offer a very wide range of materials (ABS, elastomers, polyamides, PMMA, polycarbonates, polypro, PVC, duplicate moulding, etc.) with numerous properties, giving us enormous flexibility at reduced cost. Colour, transparency, resistance, etc. – each parameter is taken into account to accurately meet your product requirements.


A precision-controlled manufacturing process






 CHOICE from among the different properties

You are free to define the colour of your product and its plastic component, with the assistance of our specialists.


VALIDATION of the prototype

Specimen parts are produced and recorded in a test report verifying that the dimensions and colours comply with the predefined plan.



Following validation of the prototype, manufacture is initiated.



DELIVERY of your parts

In accordance with the jointly agreed lead times.



The right choice of plastic material

For an optimum result, before your project begins it is essential to carefully consider the consistency between your product objectives, the process and the material used.

Depending on the desired properties and any particular issues, one plastic material will be preferred according to its mechanical and chemical characteristics (elasticity, resistance to electrical flow, abrasion, moisture, chemical substances, melting temperature range, fire behaviour, etc.

The Bouvard INPA specialists are your disposal to advise you and work jointly with you to find the most suitable solution.