Bouvard metal moulds

Since 1965, BOUVARD has specialized in injection equipment with an integrated mould workshop. The metal moulds produced can then be moulded with the plastic materials required by INPA to meet the various specific requirements of your project.


A precision-controlled process

BOUVARD brings all its experience and technical skills to assist you with the execution of all your projects, with simple solutions and a precision-controlled process.

DIALOGUE, to identify your needs

Each request is examined in the light of your particular issues and your conditions of use.



 STUDIES, to offer you optimized solutions

We can either work from your 3D drawing or have it produced by our design office in accordance with your specifications.



TESTS in our workshops

Following validation of the project, the equipment is produced in-house and subjected to various quality tests.



VALIDATION of the prototype



TRANSFER of the equipment to INPA

or directly on to your site




Following validation of the specimen parts, actual production is initiated by INPA. The products are then rigorously tested to guarantee you optimum reliability.